Hi, my name is Garrett.

I am a UI/UX designer who specializes in designing highly adaptable interfaces. My college and work experiences have molded me into an organized individual with excellent synergy in group settings and valuable creativity skills. My goal with every project is keeping things simple yet meaningful. I am always willing to learn new tools to further improve my design work.


While working at Xyicon, I designed several different user interfaces for current and future software developments. The video on the left shows samples from my working Figma prototype of a future expansion in Xyicon's software. My prototype inspiration was to simplify the user experience of everyday tasks performed by Xyicon's customers.

Xyicon Website


Some of my front-end college work are projects on the website Glitch. The key element behind each project is procedural generation, which achieves different visual spectacles. These projects use a combination of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, specifically the P5 framework.

My Profile

To view the prototype in the appropriate screen ratio, press F11 on your keyboard. Progress though the walk-through by clicking on the red highlighted objects.

UCSC Class Enrollment Prototype

My first attempt at prototyping any user interface was a college project for creating a new enrollment website. I swiftly learned Adobe XD and made a simple walk-through prototype that has a similar feel to the original enrollment website. My prototype placed in the top three projects in the class, meaning I was able to meet with college officials to show them the changes that they should consider making to the website.

Live Prototype


I am currently working as a UI/UX designer of a full scale video game with 12 other students using the Unreal Engine. The game is a work in progress at the moment, but we do have a twitter where we post occasional progress updates.

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